• BS in Engineering, University of California at Los Angeles.
  • Masters in Electrical Engineering, New York University.


  • Started programming with IBM, building systems for brokerage clients.
  • Established a one-man company: Ergonomic Software Inc.
  • Developed several proprietary products based on network protocols.
  • Did software for Goldman Sachs, IBM, Honeywell Information Systems, and Merrill Lynch.
  • Programmed Web sites and Windows application programs.
  • Developed my RetirementForecaster financial planning program.
  • Built a couple of iPad games for fun while in retirement.


  • Did IBM S/360 assembly language coding for a real time on-line transaction system.
  • Did DEC PDP/11 assembly language programming for a Forth language compiler.
  • Did Apple II assembly language programming for an IBM Bisync terminal emulator.
  • Did LU6.2 communications programming in C for IBM SNA networks.
  • Did IBM OS/2 design and programming in C for LAN & WAN gateway apps.
  • Did Windows software design and programming in C for DLLs, DDE and LAN messaging.
  • Did securities industry app development using TCP/IP, Access, and Visual Basic.
  • Built personal financial planning apps using JavaScript and VB.NET.
  • Built iPhone and iPad games using Lua with the Corona Labs SDK.
  • Built an example Windows Store personal finance app using HTML5 and WinJS.
  • Now using React/Redux to redo RetirementForecaster as a Web app for mouse and touch screens.