Built with Corona SDK



     Take control of a pair of flippers and play against your opponent on the other side of the iPad. It's one player against the computer or two players face to face.

     When you are ready to kick the ball, lift your finger slightly to fire the flipper. Only the one flipper that is closest to the ball will fire. Put your finger back down right away to regain control and move the flippers to defend against the opponent's return shot. Watch the video for hints.

     Play against the computer in the one player game. You move your flippers anywhere in your side of the play field. The computer can only move back and forth horizontally. The computer player is not perfect and sometimes misses a defensive play and you score a point. You can find it's weak spots and win. You can set any desired time limit for the game to end.

     A good strategy is to shoot diagonally across the field toward the corner kickers. The computer will sometimes miss the ball and the corner kicker will kick it toward the goalie to score a point.

     After a point is scored the corner kickers turn defensive and will produce clearing kicks. So be ready to defend against this by moving your flippers. When the ball comes back across the midfield line, it is attacking your goalie and the corner kickers are in attack mode to kick toward your goalie.

     The one player game has a competition option using a fixed time setting of 3 minutes, so that high scores can be posted on a leaderboard and compared with other players, all playing the same fixed 3 minute time.

     The two player game lets you compete against a friend at the other end of the iPad. You both have the freedom to move the flippers anywhere in your side of the field. It's an exciting game that will test your reaction time and your skill at controlling the ball.

     The two player game can be set to end after a certain time or after a certain number of points are scored by one player.

Saving Your Score On A Leaderboard And To Facebook

     You may chose to activate a connection to OpenFeint, a mobile social gaming network. If you do, you'll get a user name and your high scores will be added to the 3 minute competition leaderboard maintained by OpenFeint. Play the one player competition game and compare scores with your friends. Try to beat your friends' high scores.

     If you are not playing the one player competition game, then your winning game's results can be posted to your Facebook wall. This post will describe your winning score and will allow you to add a comment. Your friends can see your game scores and try to beat you.